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Welcome to JWells Studio

Dive into the world of Gerry Visco, where pottery and studio art practice converge to create mesmerizing pieces. Explore our website to discover the beauty and craftsmanship of Gerry's ceramics and pottery, each piece a celebration of artistic excellence.



Gerry embodies a holistic approach to creativity that marries artistic brilliance with entrepreneurial insight. With a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts (with distinction) from OCAD University and a Master's in Fine Arts from York University, Gerry's foundation in the arts is solid and profound. Complementing this artistic fervour, Gerry's pursuit of an Executive MBA from the University of Fredericton focusing on Global Leadership weaves together the threads of creativity and practical business strategies. This fusion highlights Gerry's dedication as an artist and showcases a visionary mindset that appreciates the harmony of imagination and pragmatism.

Studio Work

Step into Gerry's studio, where the seamless fusion of painting, pottery, sculpture, and drawing creates a captivating world of artistic exploration and expression, reflecting a unique blend of imagination and craftsmanship.

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144 Cemetery Road Uxbridge

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