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Gerry Visco is a distinguished professional with a strong foundation in the arts, holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts with distinction from OCAD University and a Master of Fine Arts from York University. Currently, he is pursuing an Executive Master of Business Administration with a focus on Global Leadership from the University of Fredericton.


His journey in the arts has been marked by various personal achievements, including founding Forest Ridge Inc., a successful design-build firm specializing in outdoor design and construction. His professional experience includes serving as the Chief Operating Officer (Interim) at Urban Life Solutions, where he played a pivotal role in merging his company with Urban Life Solutions, thus contributing to the formation of a leading outdoor design, build, and maintenance company in Canada.


Gerry's artistic endeavors have been showcased through exhibitions, academic pursuits, and ongoing studies, reflecting his commitment to the arts as well as his business acumen. His skills encompass a unique blend of artistic vision, project management, and operational leadership, demonstrating his ability to merge the creative and business realms. 

Throughout Gerry's career, notable achievements include being accepted into the DRPT degree program at OCAD U and showcasing work in various prestigious exhibitions. With a profound dedication to craftsmanship and artistic expression, Gerry's pottery and ceramic art designs represent a harmonious blend of materiality and rational elements. The pieces often incorporate agency-provided materials, utilizing wood ash glaze and double-fired ceramic shards to provide a tactile feel, whether for display or daily use.


At J. Wells Studio, each creation reflects a unique blend of antiquity and contemporary artistry, capturing the essence of the maker within every piece. Gerry's aesthetic in pottery and ceramic art designs uncovers the beauty of materiality while honoring the mark of the creator.


Explore the timeless beauty and tactile allure of Gerry Visco's pottery and ceramic art at J. Wells Studio, where every piece tells a story of craftsmanship, emotion, and artistic excellence.

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